Why ‘Pong’ is not just a video game but a way of life

Pong is a video-game-like sport that can be played by both men and women.

The sport has gained popularity in recent years, and now plays on a regular basis in countries around the world, but its origins go back as far as China.

“We call it pingpongs,” says Andrew, who works at a pingpok store in New York City.

The word means “play” in Chinese.

“Pong is the same thing, it’s just that the rules are a bit different.”

Pingpong is based on a simple yet addictive game.

Players must place a ball in the centre of a ring, which can be made up of multiple balls and a hole.

The ball has to be played into a hole on the opposite side of the ring, then the ball must be passed around the ring to another ball.

This is the game.

It’s called pingpou, a Mandarin term that means “game” in Mandarin.

Players can also choose from two different game types: a ping-pong match and a round of ping-a-pou.

Pong has since spread to more than 100 countries around China.

There are also some rules that need to be followed.

Players need to wait in line for at least 15 seconds before playing, and they need to have their hand in the hole when they take a shot.

If you can’t hold on to your ball for that long, you’ll fall to the ground and miss your shot.

When the ball lands, the winner is the player who can control the most balls in the ring.

“It’s a bit like poker, where you’re playing against someone who is very good at poker,” Andrew says.

The game is played in a ring and, like poker games, players can move around it in different ways.

The players can pick up and throw balls, use the ball as a prop or as a weapon.

“I’ve been playing for over 20 years, but it’s really hard to find a good match, because the rules change all the time,” Andrew explains.

“There’s a whole host of different types of pingpoy you can play with, from simple ping-and-go matches, where they can’t get any balls, to something where you play in a big ball pit, where there are 15 players in each of the rings, with a goal of catching as many balls as possible.”

Andrew and his team at Pingpou have been around for almost 20 years and have become known for their expertise in the game, especially when it comes to handling the ball.

The store sells pingpoys, balls, and other items to people all over the world.

The company was started by Chinese immigrant brothers Lin Xingyu and Xiao Jian, and since then it has expanded to cover all of China.

Lin X, who now works at PingPou as a manager, has seen the popularity of the game grow as a result of its popularity.

“A lot of young people who have never played pingpoo before, they’re starting to get into it,” he says.

In fact, many players have been banned from the game by police for using the balls in illegal ways. “

Some people are playing in front of their TV sets and their computer, but that’s not a good idea, because then you’re getting in their face and playing with their heads.”

In fact, many players have been banned from the game by police for using the balls in illegal ways.

“If you’re a Chinese person and you go out and play pingpow, you’re committing a crime,” Lin says.

Lin is convinced that the game is being used as a tool to control people, but also says it is an important part of people’s lives.

“People have been playing pingpoon for hundreds of years, so it’s only natural for it to be popular now, because it’s one of the few things that people have to be social and to keep up their social lives,” he explains.

But it is also a very social sport, and many people have had issues with being caught using the ball illegally.

One man in his 20s who lives in Shanghai was fined $1,500 (HK$3,800) for using a ping pong ball to get behind a parked car.

Other players have reported being arrested and charged with “possession of illegal weapons”.

Lin says that, in order to combat this, Pingpoup has introduced new rules in recent months.

“In 2017, we had a new rule for every player to wear a pingo ball,” he tells ABC News.

But we still need to do a lot of work to be sure that we’re doing this correctly, so we’re still working on the rules and we hope that we can keep improving the rules in

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