Play: A look at the pingpongs that were the highlight of the tournament

By Tim BuckleyThe first pingpokong tournament was held in 2006, and the prize pool was $20,000.

Now it is back, and we know the event has become a staple of the PGA Tour’s schedule.

Pong has always been a part of the Australian golfing scene, and now it is the latest addition to the circuit.

But why would the world’s biggest tour, which is ranked as the best in the world by Golf Digest, invite such a spectacle?

And what is the point of playing pingpons when you are on the verge of elimination?

Well, the tournament is part of a global event called the World Pingpong Championship, which has been held every year since 2010.

The organisers, which include the International Golf Federation, the World Golf Federation and the PAGA, decided to invite the world to their annual event, which features a $1m prize pool and an annual event in Sydney.

It is not clear exactly how the event is organised.

Some events are run by the organisers, while others are hosted by international events and the Australian government.

The events usually feature more than a dozen players from around the world, but this year, there was no such limit.

The prize pool is $20 million and there are nine spots for the winners.

The top two finishers each receive $10,000, with the runner-ups getting $5,000 each.

It is not unusual for tournaments to award cash prizes, which are not usually distributed among the competitors.

But what is so special about the World Pong Championship?

“The idea is to get more players to play and to help create more competition,” PAGAs CEO John Daley said.

“If you look at golf, it is a competition, and competition is good.

We are trying to make the tournament more competitive and create more fun and more excitement.”

Pong, which stands for Pigeon and Ping, was invented in the 19th century by British scientist George Purdon.

He described it as a game that could be played at any distance from a person, with a goal of hitting a ball with one’s entire body.

The sport is played on two courses, each of which is known as a Pong Tee, or the ball itself.

The player who hits the ball with the most of their bodyweight on the tee is declared the winner.

The World Pang Championship is also a tournament that is not open to anyone from outside the world.

The tournament takes place in Sydney, where the Pang Tee is located, and players are invited by the PGAs governing body.

Players from outside Australia, however, can participate.

This year, a group of Chinese players, who had already played in the previous tournament, are playing in the tournament for the first time.

The International Golf Confederation is not the only governing body in the Pong-playing world.

Other tournaments have been held in Japan, Hong Kong and New Zealand.

Peng is played using a different ball than the standard golf ball.

Purdons original design was to use a soft, durable metal called a spong.

This made the ball easier to throw, but the harder it was to hit.

The first international pingpang tournament was played in New Zealand in 2001, and there have been three more since then.

The tournament is held in the same venue as the World Cup and World Championships, which attract more than 10 million spectators.

This was a significant boost to the Ponga Tour, which had struggled financially before the events.

“We want to be able to get the message out to the world that this is a great sport that is very competitive,” Purdoon said.

“The world should see this as a great way to get involved in golf.”

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