You can now play a game with your friends, in your browser.

Hacker News, a popular forum for the online sharing of news, is showing off a new feature for its users: You can play a new game with them.

The game, called Gagarin, is available to players of the popular browser game Gagar, which is built on the idea of social games like Pingpong.

Users who log in to the Gagaru site can play “gagarin” for up to three hours, with an option to keep playing for more.

“Gagarin is a great way to interact with people from around the world and create a great conversation,” the site wrote on its Facebook page.

Users can play for a total of five hours, but Gagarfan also includes a 30-second video and a guide explaining how to play.

“It’s an easy way to share a game or talk to friends in a way that’s not only fun and accessible, but is also a bit of fun for both the gamer and the other players.”

The game allows players to take a picture of a person they’re chatting with and then play with that person.

The player can then take a selfie and send it to another person on the network.

When a person replies with a picture, the person can post it to their profile, along with a comment about the conversation.

“A picture is worth a thousand words,” the website explained.

Gagaran, which was developed by the German company Gameforge, is one of several games that uses social games to create games.

Google and Facebook have also created games that use similar social games.

Gakas and other games that rely on social gaming have been popular for years, but new technology has made it easier for players to interact online.

Facebook, Google, and the game industry are all vying for the attention of gamers who want to build their own games and share them with others.

In December, Facebook announced that it was developing a new app called Graph.

The app will let users create games and have them available to play offline.

Facebook is also working on a social game called Gachapon, which lets players earn points by playing games like Tetris and other mobile games.

The company has also partnered with video game company Nexon to create a free game called Super Lucky’s Tale.

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