How To Get A College Student To Give Up Pong For Chalk

Pong has been a staple of the college basketball season for years, but a growing number of students are giving up the game in favor of a new game that can help their grades.

A new video from MTV News reveals how to make your first shot at becoming a competitive player in a new sport.

Pong is a free-for-all game where players throw their balls to each other for points.

But instead of using a single ball, players must use their hands to hit each other with a ball with a different color, color of paint and other markers on it.

The game is a fun way to practice your aim and your shot.

The video is a collaboration between a group of college basketball players from the United States and Brazil.

The players use chalk to write their names on a board and practice their aim.

After playing the game for a few weeks, they’re able to score a total of 10 points.

The team from the U.S. also used chalk to create a basketball hoop for the first time in a video called Chalk vs. Pong.

The goal of the team was to play a game of pingpongs against each other, with a goal of hitting the ball into the hoop.

“When I was a kid, pingpings were a fun game,” said Cameron Womack, a senior at the University of Texas at Austin.

“I always loved it.”

The goal of this team was a simple one: Hit the ball out of the hoop into the other player’s hand, with the goal of being the first player to get 10 points in a row.

They didn’t use any chalk at all.

“It’s just a paint ball, but it’s a really fun game to play,” said Womacks teammate, Christian Saldaña.

Saldañas father also plays the game.

He said his son, who is a junior, has been using it for years and loves it.

“We love it,” said Saldas father.

“The kids who play it, it’s fun to see.

It’s just fun to watch.”

The video shows the team playing against each others students, but they don’t take shots.

They just make a few moves and then play the game, which is called chalming.

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