When the world’s first digital poker table finally hits the streets?

A new digital poker game that has gone viral in China is being touted as a model for others.

The game has a pingpang table, where players can choose from a list of 10 cards, including an ace, a queen and two other players.

A “buy” button, similar to the one in a casino, can be used to bet on whether a card is a good bet.

The online game has attracted a global audience since it was launched in China last month, according to the company’s official Twitter account.

The online poker game has been downloaded by around a million people, it said.

“In the next days, it will be distributed on all the major gaming platforms including Facebook, Google, Bing, Twitter and YouTube,” it said in a tweet on Tuesday.

This image shows the Pingpong Table on the platform of a gambling website.

Chinese regulators are also keen to see if the game is as popular in other countries, especially the US.

The Chinese gaming industry has grown by more than $50bn since 2010.

China’s government recently loosened some regulations on the gaming industry, and there are fears that some foreign companies are trying to jump in.

Last month, China announced that it will introduce new regulations for the game, and said it will ban foreign companies from taking part in the online game.

“The new regulations will cover the entire online gaming industry in China, including gaming portals, betting platforms, social media platforms, online gaming platforms, and virtual cards,” it added.

China’s gaming industry also faces growing competition from foreign rivals in the world of online gambling.

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