‘Bomango’ boom in new arrivals: Why Australia’s immigration boom may have a positive impact on Australia’s economy

New arrivals to Australia are coming in record numbers, but the country is being left behind by other countries in terms of economic growth.

Bomingo is now the biggest economy in the world.

Read moreThe arrival of 1.6 million migrants last year has been one of the most significant factors in the rapid growth of the nation’s economy.

That number is expected to increase by around 1 million this year, and it has been projected to overtake Japan in terms, if not in terms.

Australia is one of only three developed economies to experience a boom in arrivals.

The other two are China and Japan, both of which are booming.

China’s rapid growth has seen its labour force grow by 20 per cent over the past decade, but unemployment has risen.

Despite that, the Chinese government has maintained its focus on labour mobility, with the government planning to increase immigration by up to 30,000 people this year.

In Japan, the economy has been hit by a severe economic downturn, and that has contributed to a fall in the number of people arriving.

However, Japan’s economy has grown by 7.4 per cent this year compared with last year.

In Australia, growth has been slower.

While unemployment has increased in Japan and China, there has been no real increase in the country’s labour force.

Aboriginal people account for just over a quarter of the country, and are responsible for nearly half of Australia’s migrant population.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics estimates that more than 5 million people are working in Australia illegally, and there are about 14,000 illegal immigrants living in Australia, more than in any other country.

Immigration to Australia has increased by about 3 per cent per annum over the last decade.

But the Government has promised to ramp up immigration, as it has in the past.

Last month, the Prime Minister made the announcement that Australia would accept up to 2,500 refugees a year, a figure that has been raised to 3,000 per year.

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