What’s the deal with this new character called the Pong?

Now that you’re a big fan of the Pokemon anime, I have to admit that I’ve been obsessed with the character Pong.

The Pong is a very, very powerful Pokemon trainer.

The Pokemon show is actually quite interesting in its own right, with the show often using the Pongs as the heroes.

This is something that is really important to me as a fan, because it is a show that I am always excited to watch.

In fact, I actually got to meet Pong and learn about her backstory.

The reason why I wanted to learn more about Pong was because of the show’s popularity.

It was a hit for its time, and it also had a cult following.

In 2015, I was looking for an opportunity to interview the show creators and get a chance to meet them for a quick chat.

I was going to try and catch up on my knowledge of the series, but unfortunately I couldn’t find an interview spot.

So I contacted the PONG team on Facebook and asked if I could meet them to discuss their upcoming series.

The response was so great that I wanted more.

The team was so gracious and kind to meet me and get in touch.

We got to know each other pretty well, so we decided to meet for the first time.

I knew they were going to be so excited about what was going on with Pong that I was in for a treat.

The first thing that I noticed was that the Pongo was pretty much completely black and white.

The anime had always had a white cast for a lot of the characters.

It is very unusual to see a white character on screen.

It has always been a thing to see Black characters in the Pokemon world, but I think it is only fitting that Pong would be one of them.

Pong had the look of a very traditional Japanese warrior, but she also had that air of cool that is so appealing to people of color.

The color palette was absolutely fantastic.

It looks like it was picked out by an artist to really highlight the diversity of the character.

The Pong team is a pretty unique group, and they did a fantastic job.

They were very friendly and very knowledgeable about the Poneys history.

It really was a great opportunity to learn a bit more about the show and meet Pongs creators.

The entire process went very smoothly and the Pones were very accommodating.

The show was a huge hit, and I got to chat with Ponee (voiced by Rina Satou), the Poni Point Pokémon trainer.

Rina sat down with me to discuss her role in the Ponies story, her love of Pong, and how she’s looking forward to working with Pongo on her next adventure.

What follows is an edited transcript of that interview.1:33-4:00Poni PointPoniPoint: So, you’re the first character in the show that has been introduced to us.

What’s so special about her?

Poni: Well, I don’t know, I’ve seen the other characters before, but Poni was the only one who I had a lot in common with.

She was a woman, a young woman, with a beautiful face.

She also had the best trainer in the world.

She has been a member of the PONE group since its inception, so it was kind of a natural fit for her to have the title of PoniPoint.

So, when I first met her, I just thought, Oh, this is pretty cute, I guess.

Poni has the same personality as Ponea, and so I thought, Well, this one is kind of different.

Pone is a little more laid back.

And Poni, well, she’s pretty much a big girl.

So that was a little bit of a challenge, but it was great to finally meet her.

I love that she’s so easygoing and a little goofy.

She’s just so adorable and happy.

So you can tell, she has a lot to say about herself.

She seems like the kind of person who would want to be on the show, and we just got to learn some new things from her.

Poni has a different take on the PPO world, which is very interesting.

She does not like the Pops at all.

Pona was kind and loving.

I think that Poni points to her friends, Poni and Pone, as her allies.

I feel like the way that she has portrayed her friends has made her more of an ally to them.

The whole PPO group was really strong and together, and that’s a really good thing for Pone.

I mean, Pone was the leader of the group, so she had a pretty clear path of who she was supposed to be and who she wasn’t supposed to.

She became more of a leader of that group, which was great.

I thought that it was really cool that Pone would have this role

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