What to know about Zika in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico

Texas is reporting its first cases of Zika virus infection and the first death of a pregnant woman in the U.S. state.

Florida is reporting two more cases of the virus and two deaths of pregnant women, and Puerto Rican President Sergio Osorio Chong is reporting five more deaths.

Florida, Texas and Puerto Rica are the three states with the highest numbers of confirmed cases and deaths.

Texas reported six new cases in the first three days of March, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Two more people were found dead in Florida on Monday, and another pregnant woman was confirmed dead in Puerto Rico on Wednesday.

Puerto Rico reported five new confirmed cases of infection on Thursday.

Osorio said the Zika virus was spreading rapidly in the island nation and the death toll could rise in the coming days.

Osório said the virus could cause severe birth defects and that the U,S.

government must “be ready to respond.”

But he added, “We mustn’t overreact.”

Osorio added that the government must be vigilant in responding to any cases.

The Trump administration has also taken steps to halt construction of the Panama Canal.

The president said the canal could be a “dead end” for the U.,S.

economy and called for the project to be scrapped.

He said in March that the canal should be shut down, and the U S. is expected to announce a plan for its future.

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